Published On: Mar 24, 2017

The root of all server performance is the storage backing it. A major problem with other cloud hosting providers is that they are utilizing oversaturated and shared storage solutions that simply can't keep up.

At Beyond Hosting we've spent a lot of time and money engineering our storage solution to be ideal for all workloads and use cases. The key to delivering consistent performance is a LOT of SSD!

Our virtual cloud servers offer you the ability to chose between 3 different types of storage. We offer Capacity, Performance and XtremIO.

  1. Capacity: This type of storage is very cheap and is recommended for large files that are infrequently accessed.
  2. Performance: We recommend performance for everything, its 100% SSD with a guarenteed performance SLA.
  3. XtremIO: The cats meow in terms of storage. We guarantee 5 nines of reliability and all the IO performance you can possibly use!

But really... How can we just preach that without backing it up by numbers?

Data Data Data!


Test results based on 16 Core 16 GB CentOS 7 Virtual Server.

Want to test your cloud servers performance? Grab our unbias IO Benchmark here and test a competitor. Don't believe us? Be sure to view the source!

You will need to install the FIO Benchmark tools and Perl for your OS to run it.

Posted in Hosting on Mar 24, 2017