Published On: Jul 07, 2016

I’m sure some of you are wondering what Beyond Hosting does to differentiate ourselves from the competition; what we do to justify our prices. HA!  Outside of our amazing technical support staff we are constantly investing in new technologies that we believe will benefit not only us but you, the customer.

One of Beyond Hosting’s latest investments has been with a company calledNoction and their Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP).  The IRP allows us to to keep our bandwidth cost down by better load balancing our ISP connections but most importantly the IRP automatically reroutes Internet traffic around external latency, congestion, and other unforeseen anomalies.

Before our investment in the IRP these anomalies would have required a customer to notice an issue and report it to us.  We would then have to investigate the issue, determine exactly where the issue lies, and manually reroute traffic.  All the while, the issue we are trying to route around could have been resolved or the ISP we use to route around the issue could have a sub-par route resulting in yet another issue.  Noction’s IRP is constantly probing all the networks that make up the Internet using routes out of all of our ISPs.  This means that at any given time the best route to any destination is known and will be used so long as it remains a healthy route.  If the route becomes congested and the IRP starts to see packet loss then traffic will be rerouted automatically in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

A video directly from Noction’s website explaining how their IRP works.

Below is a graph showing the number of improved prefixs (or end networks), number of improvements to reduce loss, and the number of improvements to reduce latency over a 24 hour period.


This next image provides some of the details regarding the most recent improvements.  Looking at the first line of this image we can see that a single reroute resulted in drop from 44% loss to 0% loss and a latency improvement of 37ms.


Posted in Hosting on Jul 07, 2016