Published On: Nov 12, 2018

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Did you know that a marketing firm in the US had 340 million records leaked due to a breach of security? You want your company to be secure as possible. Thus, managed hosting is a great option to consider. Don't know what it is? Not to worry! We are going to explain what it is and what are the benefits. Keep reading to learn more!

Managed Hosting: What Are the Benefits?

Every business must focus on what's important to them. This may be providing services or products to clients in a stellar manner.

The business environment today is technology-centric. Some groups try and manage their IT infrastructure on their own.

Often, people can get too bogged down by these mundane problems. Employee resources get displaced. Efforts better utilized elsewhere get used up.

If a company spreads itself too thin, the business goal will suffer. Thus, managed hosting is crucial to consider. A business with an online presence can spend time elsewhere. They won't need to worry about maintaining a server from the inside.

Managed hosting gives a business the opportunity to focus on critical responsibilities. They won't have to worry about the IT infrastructure. When they install customized managed hosting techniques, there will be many benefits.

This will help the business stay competitive. Let's look at some examples.

Placing the Burden on Support

Managed hosting allows employees to call up their IT technicians. They will have on-demand support. A strong managed hosting provider will provide you with support and becomes part of the team.

You won't have to worry when heading out on vacation if your site goes down at midnight. An intelligent service provider will handle this for you.

Your staff will have a broader knowledge base now. Having a provider support your technical needs frees up your time. You won't have to stress about talking to a new person every time you face a problem.

Managed hosting will provide you with creative and resourceful individuals in IT. They're committed to watching your site every day. Look for someone who has the ability to diagnose problems.

A Recovery Plan and Enterprise Level Backup

A managed hosting provider will assure that your data is secure, stored, and backed up. An outstanding provider will provide optimal data restoration capabilities and enterprise level backups.

Your organization can choose to bring back the entire data set or individual files. You get to decide. Having this capability will allow you to feel more confident about your data.

Managed hosting provides remote data centers. They feature many layers that ensure network connectivity and storage.

These centers are outstanding and provide the services you need to run a secure website. If you have a website that is down, it's a big problem.

Yet, managed hosting services have a team dedicated to restoring sites. They also cover data backups.

This could mean the difference between profits or losses. Having this expertise gives you another layer of protection.

Some companies who have lost their data haven't been able to get past this hurdle. They have had to close the doors to their company because of the loss. Don't become one of those companies!

Overcoming Compliance and Security Barriers

Your business is at risk for data or security breach. It comes with having a site online. Hackers can strike from anywhere at any time and can be relentless. When you have managed hosting, you can have some peace of mind.

Why? You will have the highest possible security. You won't waste precious time worrying about compliance and security challenges.

Make sure the providers achieve higher levels of compliance and security certifications. This should happen on a regular basis. This will take the burden off you and staff. Thus, you will be able to put your energy and time towards the business and not security problems.

What Managed Hosting Providers Offer

They provide data backup and retention, customization, support services, and cost efficiencies.

These experts will make customer data and website protection a top priority. They will run spam filtering, virus scanning, firewall configuration, and audits for security.

They will have the upper hand if there is a security issue. Also, the experts will be able to identify vulnerabilities in your server. This may prevent a cyber attack.

Securing customer data and business information is of utmost importance. Cyber attacks can occur at, and you want to prepare for this.

Have the experts on your side to help you navigate this possibility. Investing in this won't be a disappointment.

Save Money and Get More Help

You don't have someone working in IT on your business team if you aren't specializing in IT, right? Thus, it's helpful to turn to the experts for maintenance and help.

You won't have to hire someone dedicated to your technological needs. This will save you money in the long run. You won't have to worry about in work benefits, office accommodations, and overtime costs.

Savings will increase because you won't have to pay someone to upgrade and refresh your site. Instead, hire someone from the managed hosting provider who will maintain this often.

You Are in Charge

The managed hosting service can customize their solutions to your workflow. If you have a flexible provider, you don't have to worry about changing your procedures or methods.

This will provide you with predictability and stability. A reliable hosting provider will pair with you and your goals. They aren't going to come in and try to change everything.

You will have control over technical decisions. This will help your mission and organization in the long run.

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