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Beyond Hosting enables technology providers to generate an entirely new revenue stream by delivering white label cloud services to their clients. If you’re looking for a working relationship with a Cloud Services Provider who understands how your organization operates. Please fill out the form on your right.

Keep Your Customers On Your Own Cloud
Migrating customer workloads to 3rd party cloud solutions canibolizes your business and reduces customer loyalty. Provide your customers a complete solution by moving their apps and websites to your own cloud.

Recurring Monthly Revenue
As part of the Beyond Hosting Reseller Program, you can offer cloud services to each of your clients without developing your own capital intensive infrastructure. Improve each clients MRR by including additional services.

Resell Cloud as a branded White-label Service
Beyond Hosting works with Affiliates, Partners and Resellers because our success rests on ensuring your ability to provide cloud services to your clients succesfully.

Avoid Monthly Fees & Spending Thresholds
You only pay for the cloud services that your clients use. There are no monthly fees, activation fees, hidden fees, minimum spending thresholds, or additional charges.

Count on Our 24/7/365 USA-Based Support Team
Beyond Hostings USA-based support team is always available in the event of an emergency. If you ever need assistance, our team will be available 24/7/365 for you and your clients questions.

Provide Real Piece of Mind to Your Clients
As a part of the Beyond Hosting Partner Program, each of your clients can benefit from enterprise-grade network solutions without building your own costly solutions from scratch.

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Instant Benefits (Included FREE)

  • Web Agency

    • Access to our Partner Portal
    • Advanced website architecture consulting
    • Co-branded landing page
    • Partner communications
    • Free development / staging servers

    Additional Benefits
    • Partners List

  • Web Reseller

    • Access to our Partner Portal
    • Advanced website architecture consulting
    • Co-branded landing page
    • Partner communications
    • Free development / staging servers

    Additional Benefits
    • Partners list with backlinks
    • Dedicated sales assistance
    • Lead referrals
    • Basic joint marketing newsletters
    • Special customer promotions

  • Web Partner

    • Access to our Partner Portal
    • Advanced website architecture consulting
    • Co-branded landing page
    • Partner communications
    • Free development / staging servers

    Additional Benefits
    • Premier status partner listing
    • Premier list backlinks
    • Dedicated sales engineer
    • Lead referrals
    • Extensive joint marketing newsletters
    • Special customer promotions and products
    • Custom training and solution development

Wholesale Cloud Pricing (20% Discount)

Per Month (Billed Hourly)
  • $4.00/Core
  • $2.80/GB
  • $0.20/GB
    SSD Storage
  • $0.08/GB
    Hybrid Storage

We offer ∞ Bandwidth - Please see our TOS policy on unlimited bandwidth. Terms of Service

Your Own Company Branding

Configure our white-label customer portal with your own styles, branding and apperance all while providing a custom tailored experience for your customers using any domain name by simply creating a DNS CNAME record.

Core Features

  • Multiple Billing Strategies

    • Prefacto (Pay upfront and use proration for changes to each clouds resource limits)
    • Postfacto (Utility Model where you pay at the end of the billing period for usage only. We recommend this model for customers on credit terms or billing contract)
  • Actual Cloud, Not a VPS

    • Our cloud servers are truely a cloud offering and do not require template sizing or storage limitations. Each cloud instance can be be configured to almost any size and will not be restricted by billing.
    • CPU and Memory configuration have a best practices ratio requirement of 1:1 through 1:4 CPU:Mem Ratio.
  • 24/7 Managed Hosting Support

    • Unlike other resellers, you can offer our 24/7/365 support to your customers. This means that you can resell our services without any technical know how or support staff.
    • Utilize your own or our white-label support ticket interface. Give customers and easy way to get support without being reliant on you.
  • White-label HTML5 Client Dashboard

    • Provide your users with an easy to use customer experience utilizing by themeing our Angular.js based dashboard. Provision Cloud Instances, Networks, Volumes, Security Policies and Software Licensing with a few button clicks.
    • Optionally build or integrate your own customer interface with our easy to use JSON-RPC API.
  • Fast Instance and Storage Provisioning

    • Most Cloud Instances create and become available for SSH/RDP within 15 seconds or less. Some operating systems have extensive configuration at boot time and take longer to become available.
    • On demand resource deployment and billing. Pay by the hour, not by the order.
  • Per Instance configurable sizing.

    • 1 - 24 Cores vCPU
    • 1 - 96 GB vMem
    • SSD & Hybrid Capacity - Storage Tiers (Sold Per GB)
  • Virtual Networking & Security

    • Provision unlimited virtual networks with secure network isolation using your own IP addresses. This allows for each customer to deploy one or multiple applications with exclusive and dedicated virtual networks.
    • Customers can provision multiple firewalls and restrict access to instances granularly by ip and port.
  • High Availability

    • Our Clouds Servers utilize distributed storage that remains available during maintenance and hardware failure events. Your server will simply be rebooted in the event of an hypervisor outage.
  • Horizonal Auto-scaling

    • Applications can be deployed in a auto-scaling cluster to automatically provision and add additional cloud instances as needed.
  • Granular Cloud Usage Reporting

    • Bill your customer based on usage with our free WHMCS module.
    • Configure our WHMCS module so that resources available to each customer are limited so they can upgrade their cloud as a “package” or configurable option set in WHMCS.
  • Reseller Optimized Platform

    • Looking to improve the experience for WHM/cPanel resellers? Deploy new cloud instances with root access that resellers can utilize and provide WHM/cPanel Reseller accounts to their customers.
  • Public JSON-RPC API

    • Simplified JSON-RPC API allows detailed usage reporting, instance, volume and network configuration with ease while being secure and fast.
  • Intgrated Monitoring & Backup

    • Seamless integration with Centreon/Nagios monitoring system
    • Each reseller will be provided integration to their own R1Soft backup system. Alternatively we can deploy a VM and configure R1Soft/Acronis and manage it for you.
  • Powered by OpenStack

    • Familiar with the OpenStack API? Have applications you want to integrate directly to openstack? No problem we provide direct access to the OpenStack API's as needed. Each partner has their own OpenStack domain and can manage clouds directly.

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