Why is a CDN important?

A Content Delivery Network exists to provide static content to the end user quickly. A CDN caches static content to servers in close proximity to the end user resulting in faster load times. It also helps offload heavier static content such as large media files, CSS and Javascript from the main web server itself. This all results in faster page loads for the end user, and a decrease in the overall load on the main web server.


The CDN provides performance extension the server alone is not capable of. Our CDN intelligently routes data to the end user from the closest geographical location available. Whether your users are in Cincinnati or Amsterdam, they all download data from their closest datacenter resulting in the same level of great service and end user satisfaction.



Multiple locations across the globe.

Multiple international caching locations. This is a key differentiator we offer compared to our competitors. Most other CDN's reside only in the U.S. making them less optimal for other countries. Our CDN extends internationally, providing all users quick, immediate access to your content regardless of location.