Built on enterprise-grade hardware.

We serve objects as fast as they are requested. We pride ourselves on providing minimal latency at a price that won't break the bank. Traditional object storage utilizes commodity hardware. We leverage enterprise grade systems to provide you with the best storage capabilities that you can rely on.


API functionality gives you the ability to integrate our service into existing workflows. Have a bunch of media files? Reference your unstructured data as objects within our database. Need to back up your application? No problem. Store your backup as an object accessible via HTTP, allowing for high ease-of-use.


 Pay as you grow.

Priced per GB of transfer and per GB used. We price our storage according to simple, easy-to-understand metrics. We do not require any commitment up front. Our goal is to provide you with storage service that will scale up with you as your business grows.



Technical Details.

  • S3 and Swift compatible API endpoints

  • Nearly limitless storage and objects

  • 10Gbit object server connectivity

  • No bandwidth limits ensure unexpected traffic is delivered