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    Who are you?
    • Freelancer (Self-Employed)
    • Agency (1-20 employees)
    • Business (20+ employees)
    • Reseller (Affiliates & Resellers)
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    Choose Your Solution

    Based on who you are, we select our top-rated solutions that fits your needs. We have the fastest servers on the planet powered by Openstack and KVM.

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    Launch Your New Cloud

    Finally launch a hosting plan that is specific to you and your business. Our platform is built for scale with multiple data centers, unlimited CPU and a dedicated support team.

  • Managed Web Hosting

    Managed Web Hosting

    The easiest way to host your website projects, with 1 click installs for Wordpress, Joomla, and other CMS builders - we have the perfect solution for starting out online!

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  • Managed Virtual Servers

    Managed Virtual Server

    Our virtual servers are the fastest in the industry, and allow you to scale resources accordingly. If you are looking for high performance and expert support, our VPS solution is the right fit for you.

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  • Managed Dedicated Virtual Servers

    Managed Dedicated

    For those wanting the features of a dedicated server and the flexibility of a VPS, our dedicated servers are built for performance and security which will meet all of your business needs.

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  • Content Distribution Network

    Content Distribution Network

    Improve your cloud application speed and performance with faster load times. Deliver static content quickly to your customers through servers managed around the world.

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  • Daily Backups

    Hosted Backup

    Partnering with R1Soft, we provide you cloud backup solutions that are uniquely tailored for your business. We keep your files backed up so that you never have to worry about data loss.

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  • Object Storage

    Object Storage

    Our object storage is simple. With no upfront commitment and easy to understand metrics, we provide you with storage service that will scale up as you grow your business.

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Hosting for Freelancers

If you are a freelancer who loves designing websites and apps for clients but finds that managing your server is a hassle, then Beyond Hosting is for you. We have solutions like Managed Web Hosting, Cloud VPS, and Data Backups – we give you the ability to launch projects effectively without having to worry about configuring servers, and handle any size project with ease.

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Hosting for Agency

As an agency with so many clients to manage, maintaining servers can be a struggle to handle. With Beyond Hosting, managing your clients' servers & clouds is easy. We have helped thousands of agencies save time and stress by managing their hosting solutions for them, allowing you to focus on what is important to you and growing your agency. For agencies, we offer Managed Web Hosting, Cloud VPS, and Dedicated Virtual Servers. With Beyond Hosting you can have the confidence that your clients' hosting needs are in good hands.

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Hosting for Business

At Beyond Hosting, we understand the that managing clients, employees, and other obligations with limited resources can be very stressful. This is why Beyond Hosting is here to help you. When you partner with a Managed Hosting Provider like Beyond Hosting, we work to eliminate the stress from maintaining and monitoring your servers. We are more than just server support, we are a team of hosting professionals dedicated to helping you with all of your hosting IT needs. We have dedicated Virtual Servers, Cloud VPS, or Web Hosting available depending on what your business needs for hosting. Whether you are a big or small business, we have you covered with speed, performance, and reliability your business deserves.

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Hosting for Resellers

Building a hosting business can be a challenging task. Building out your client list, managing support, and maintaining servers is something that takes both time and resources. Luckily, Beyond Hosting has the perfect solution for you. Beyond Hosting helps hosting resellers by providing fully managed hosted solutions: you can have us work directly with the client or white label our services, setting your own price based off our pricing and building out your monthly recurring revenue efficiently. You handle growing your business, we will handle your existing clients' hosting needs. With margins up to 40% on recurring revenue, our resellers make on average $5,000+ monthly.

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Our Architecture

Our Architecture

All of our services and products work uniquely together to generate a high-performing, secure, and scalable platform for your business. Talk to one of our qualified hosting advisors to get a better understanding of how our services will work together to benefit you and your business.

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