Managed cloud at your fingertips.

We provide highly customizable hosting solutions at a greater level of performance and support than our competitor.


Why are we more configurable?

We are an agile company.  Because we are a software company that is not bound by rigid corporate standards, we are able to offer flexible service options that can be configured and customized to your preference.




How do we deliver greater performance?

Hardware driven performance.  By maintaining low oversubscription ratios, we achieve first-rate performance and ensure that customers are not competing with each other for resources. Our backend automation is is engineered on a microservice architecture. This guarantees that a failure of one subsystem will not affect the rest of our services, and that you will never experience a degradation in performance.


24/7 support staff.  Our average response time for support tickets is 3-7 minutes. This response time is unmatched in the industry. Our support staff are all certified in our product offerings and are experts in their field. We go above and beyond by familiarizing ourselves with your server applications, enabling us to help support your application and server and making us your sole point of contact.



How can we possibly offer better support than competitors?

Building experience in-house.  We invest in proper training for our staff on the platforms and softwares we are using. We do not pay for any enterprise software support. We are firm believers in investing in talent rather than support contracts.


Human Support comes standard.  Our basic managed services are inclusive in all of our prices.  This results in pricing and support levels our customers can feel good about.


Our Architecture.


Our commitment.

  • Managed Cloud

    Every cloud has to be managed by someone. Focus on what you do best and let our team of specialists take care of scaling your infrastructure as your business expands.
  • Managed Content

    We utilize front-end optimization, dynamic site acceleration and other technologies to make sure content is delivered to your customers as fast as possible.
  • Managed Backup

    Backups should be more than a disaster insurance policy. Backups are fully available on an archival and per-file basis, and handled 100% by our own support team.
  • Managed Storage

    Eliminate your data storage expenses. All our services include expansive amounts of storage. Plus, we provide multiple types of storage, ranging from object, HDD block, and SSD block.

Our server locations.


Server locations