Simple Per Server Pricing

Easy-to-understand pricing with per hour billing. Servers can be resized up and down at any time.

∞ Bandwidth - Please see our TOS policy on unlimited bandwidth. Terms of Service

Addon Software

We provide the best customer experience by offering integrated hassle free licensing.

    License Features Price
Softaculous Software Installer Licensing   Softaculous Software Installer 1500+ Applications Free (Included)
cPanel / WHM Licensing   cPanel/WHM Cloud WHM/cPanel for Cloud Servers (Included Free) +$11.00/Mo
cPanel Kernel Care   cPanel Kernel Care Rebootless updates for your Server +$5.00/Mo
LiteSpeed Web Server - Site Owner Plus  LiteSpeed Web Server - Site Owner Plus Up to 5 Domains with unlimited memory +16.00/Mo
LiteSpeed Web Server - Web Host Lite  LiteSpeed Web Server - Web Host Lite Unlimited domains with < 8GB memory +$26.00/Mo
LiteSpeed Web Server - Web Host Essential  LiteSpeed Web Server - Web Host Essential Unlimited domains and memory (Best Value) +$32.00/Mo
cWatch Website Security Services  cWatch - Website Security (Very Popular) Protect your site from malware and cyber threats Starting at $2.93/Mo

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Cloud (FAQ)

How much is bandwidth?

We simply don't bill for bandwidth, we believe that customers utilizing our service shouldn't be nickle and dimed for their bandwidth usage and we've chosen to include it in our pricing. In the event that you use or want to use an excessive amount of bandwidth we have reasonable pricing available.

When is a Beyond Hosting server needed?

If you’ve been outgrowing your shared web hosting plan or you simply want to have more control of your websites, our Cloud Servers are the next logical, cost effective and best choice to meet your cloud hosting needs.  Plus you will have root access to Apache, and PHP, install SSL certificates, as well as any type of software.. Without the responsibility of a dedicated server or the costs associated with upgrading.

If you are on a shared hosting plan currently, know that you rely on the performance of the platform provided.  With VPS at Beyond Hosting, you get to select a configuration best suited for your applications, requirements, and growth.

What is Managed Virtual Server Hosting used for?

Virtual Private Servers are best suited for hosting sites (eCommerce, content driven, media websites) and software applications (portals, extranet, collaborative solutions, CRM, etc) with ease.

VPS makes it possible to isolate multiple applications from one another within the same contain (box).  While this VPS container shares physical resources (infrastructure) with other containers, its resources are dedicated to you.

How easily can I upgrade or scale my Cloud Server?

Your server can be resized at any time with only a fast 15 second reboot. We enable customers to scale their server from 1 CPU and 1GB Memory to 24 CPU and 96GB of Memory in under 15 seconds with the ability to scale back down instantly as well.

Are Managed Virtual Servers complicated?

Anyone familiar with cPanel and servers will be able to build and configure their server, however we highly recommend you utilize our 24/7 Expert support with Essential Management.

Support (FAQ)

Which level of support is right for me?

We offer support tiers based on your experience, if you prefer maintaining and managing your own server then our Basic Package is for you. However if you find server management and monitoring to be a hassle our essential package is recommended for you, with daily backups and 24x7 support, we make sure your server is updated at all times. If you have a high traffic website or applications running on your server, we recommend you upgrade to our complete package, which comes with hourly backups and 24x7 monitoring and management, we make sure your server is live so you don't have to. Lastly with our Essential and Complete support tiers, any question you may have or anything you would like to add to your server you can contact support to do it for you!


Our cloud monitoring solution offers complete peace of mind for you and your servers well-being. We monitor the cpu, memory, disk usage and more on your cloud server's and will automatically correct issues that are within our control, while alerting you to those that are not. Let Beyond Hosting’s technicians keep an eye on your virtual server, so you don’t have to!


We offer hourly and daily backups with our R1Soft backup service. We take a snapshot of your cloud server's data in real time and transfer any data that has changed to our secure encrypted backup storage system. Our cloud backup solution syncs data from your live server without requiring additional free space to backup successfully.

Security and Automatic Patching

You won't need to worry about being vulnerable to the latest cloud security exploits because we automatically patch and update your server for you. We will also update your mod_security web-application filtering rules on the fly and customize them if your cloud application needs a more specific ruleset.

Data Migration

Our support team will migrate your data from another provider and guarantee compatibility with our server offering. All migrations are scheduled to one technician to ensure all of your needs are handled without downtime or interruption. Our team of technicians are available 24/7 to assign a time window that best fits your schedule.